About Us

Krantijyoti Bahu Uddeshiya Gramin Prashikshan Kendra Chorkhopdi

Krantijyoti Bahu Uddeshiya Gramin Prashikshan Kendra Chorkhopdi is a not-for-profit organization that is working for rural development and social empower. KBUGPKC is a non-government organization registered on 03/04/2003 at Yavatmal, Maharashtra. Our organization selflessly fights for the betterment of the people of remote villages without expecting any profit. Engaged in the service of neglected remote people for 19 years. The basic needs of man are food, clothing, and shelter. If a person gets deprived of one of these he always struggles hard to get it. In Maharashtra, the scope of development is not narrow but very wide, as it includes not just the economic development but the growth in social front, quality of life, empowerment, women and child development, education, and awareness of its denizens. The task of development is so huge and complicated that just implementing government plans is not sufficient to fix the problem. 

We are continuing our efforts to achieve this, to implement it so that the people of all these regions can enjoy all the opportunities and live a normal life. KBUGPKC runs on its own fund and grows with local funds and helps to fulfill the dreams of people in remote areas.

Our Mission

KBUGPKC’s mission is to reach the unreached. To make them encourage, to make self-reliant, and to inculcate moral values, and to make them know the divine truth; in the people who are left by the society, who are deprived, exploited, neglected, and has no aim in their life. Also to make the young generation aware of the environment.

Our Vision

KBUGPKC wants to see the remote areas in full color where people will be self-reliant, enlightened, empowered, protected. Reaching the doorsteps of neglected, deprived, backward and marginalized communities to stand by them is our vision. This is how we work diligently to improve the remote areas and bring people there to the flow of normal life.

Our Goal

We work for the betterment of the remote areas of society and the people there. Our organization wants to work in a far-reaching way. We want to provide free education and care for 1000 children in the future, even though we currently have 80 children under our care. We also want to empower women in remote areas. We are moving forward with this goal, and your help is most covetable.