Our Events

Krantijyoti Bahu Uddeshiya Gramin Prashikshan Kendra Chorkhopdi

Independence Day

We celebrate Independence Day every year on 15th August through cultural programs arranged by our team. Independence day is the day to remember the heroic martyrs of our country and their sacrifices. To celebrate this freedom, with the help of those village children we arrange some inspirational dramas and programs where they participate.

Ambedkar Jayant

Every year on April 14, the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar is celebrated across the country. Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is known as the great personality and hero of India. Ambedkar himself was a Dalit. Because of this, he had to face difficulties since childhood. To make this day memorable our organization organized a cultural program on his birthday to honor him.

Farmer’s Day

The birth anniversary of Chaudhary Charan Singh is on December 23. It is observed as “Kisan Diwas” or “Farmer’s Day”. Since farmers are the backbone of an economy, therefore, our nation celebrates Farmers Day in memory of the late Chaudhary Charan Singh, the ex-Prime Minister of India. On this day we arrange a little program where the farmers who are from remote areas get help financially and in an informative way

Awareness Programs

We have been asking people to raise their voices against such malpractices and ask for the rights and for the right value of their money. Our organization has been spreading the message on awareness and rights of the people who belong to remote areas. And this is the main motive of this awareness program that those backward people also have their own right decision and right choice.

Children’s Dhammashibir

In the excitement of the three-day Dhammashibir- Bhante Dhammarakshit (Sarnath) organized a three-day children’s dhammashibira on the occasion of Krantijyoti Savitribai’s birth anniversary at Sneha Aadhar run by Krantijyoti Mahila Multipurpose Rural Training Center Chorkhopadi and Vishwashantidut Foundation. Cultivation is also needed while teaching students. Different camps and saints in Sneha Aadhaar from time to time for students to become citizens of a better country; Essay competition on the life of great men are. On the occasion of today’s concluding day, the office bearers and president of the teachers’ union Kanchan Veer and directors Pradip Kabble, Prince Kamble, Maitreya Khadse, Sunil Bhise, Nilim Gulhane, Lina Gajbhiye, and all the teachers, staff, and students were present.